Day-of-wedding directors are on-call, 나나알바 part-time, on-site, and have flexible schedules in advance. This position is permanent, but is flexible depending on our wedding timelines and needs. This role is a hands-on role where you will be working with the overnight crew cleaning up after a wedding so that we are prepared for events the following day.

You will report directly to the Events Manager on a Wedding Day and you will be responsible for your teams performance from start to finish on a daily basis. The Wedding Planner must also be able to set up time lines of all of the events of a wedding day for every client, ensuring everything stays on track. The reality is 95% of weddings take place on a Saturday, and a lot of your clients will have to get together after work to have their planning meetings. Your significant other needs to be ready to take on extra hours or vacation days you need to take on if you are having a big wedding or event planned.

Being a wedding planner has some awesome benefits too, like being invited to all of the industry parties, attending super-fun conferences, and staying in amazing hotels as you tour the event spaces.

If you love all things weddings and are looking for a flexible job you can work from home on several days per week, then becoming a wedding planner may be something you would like to pursue. We are looking to hire a passionate, detailed-oriented wedding planner who will help clients plan and execute a successful wedding. We are looking to coach a Wedding and Event Planner who has the drive to excel, working with our amazing brides to create their dream wedding. If you are interested in this role, make sure you put Passion & Perfection on the top of your resume to let us know that you are serious about becoming the amazing wedding planner we are looking for.

If you are thinking of becoming a wedding & event planner, here are some awesome things to consider. For some event planners, making it work may prove challenging, wanting to constantly recreate their weddings or forcing their vision onto clients. You may still want to work in the wedding industry, but would be best served working for a hotel, event planning firm, or a wedding venue, where you can concentrate exclusively on clients rather than running a business on top of planning and designing weddings.

Those that are working as a wedding planner full-time clearly earn much more than people that are wedding planning as a side gig. A full-time wedding planner could expect to earn about $2,000 per month during the summer, assuming they are able to book one wedding, or even most weekends. Considering that you can easily make a side gig planning weddings when working a full-time job, this is perfect for stay-at-home moms who get to work weekends, or for anyone who has a job from Monday-Friday that wants to earn a little extra cash.

A wedding day coordinator is a better choice if you are looking to be a wedding planner on a part-time basis, since you are only really working on their big day and on the night of the rehearsal. A full-time wedding planner will work with a couple from when they hire you (typically shortly after engagement) to the day of the wedding. The full-service wedding planner helps the couple with finding a venue, DJ, catering, band, photographer, decor, center pieces, etc. You will have to make tons of contacts during your wedding planning process, and you need to be able to sit down in meetings with clients as they are choosing their vendors.

The best ways to gain clients as a new planner are through Facebook wedding groups, wedding shows, and WEdding Vendor Network events. Planning details with booked wedding couples, and coordination on the day. Flexible shifts available to the self-motivated working in small teams preparing venue for weddings on the following days. Venue coordinators recruit, train, and schedule event-specific part-time staff.

An Event Coordinator is responsible for planning and working special events according to the specifications of a client. The events manager is responsible for the implementation of all products and services ordered and planned by Divine Event, including food and beverage services, product and installation design, exceptional services, and the operations of the venue. The Wedding Manager works directly with A Divine Events management team and the Catering Team to ensure that excellent service is provided to the bride and groom, all the products and services guaranteed by A Divine Event.

Career growth opportunities include being a Manager/Director of Events, or otherwise leading one of our other Wedding related businesses (Florals, Catering, Rentals, etc.). Event Coordinator duties include suggesting suitable venues, providing cost estimates and financial reports, selecting the best vendors for event needs, and working for the clients approval for any changes that must be made. The events coordinator is responsible for engaging new and repeat clients, and making sure those using the facilities are enjoying the facilitys full functionality for their events.

Event staff generally handle various duties depending on the nature of a given event, which can include weddings, business functions, high-profile dining, private concerts, etc. The days work is varied, and can involve preparing the breakfast in the morning, serving a wedding breakfast in the afternoon, and serving the food at night. All this work planning and running the wedding involves many people, as you can see.

Seeing months of hard work all come together in a beautiful wedding day is one of the most fulfilling experiences that many wedding planners have during their careers. Being a wedding and event planner has been listed as the fifth-most stressful profession on CNBC.

Given just how many jobs are available in wedding planning, odds are you are going to have your pick. Despite those less-than-desirable traits, you have made the long-term commitment of working with that couple for a year or longer to plan their ideal wedding day. Based on the most recent jobs posted on Zippia, the median salary for a wedding coordinator in the United States is $41,133 a year, or $20 an hour.