Valet parking attendants can work either full-time or part-time, since we offer flexible scheduling and different shifts. You may have a title such as parking cashier, valet parking attendant, lot attendant, or park enforcer while continuing your parking duties.

As the valet parking attendant, you will be in charge of collecting payments from customers who just parked in a lot, and a parking lot attendants job is to supervise the lot safety. It is a Valet Parking attendants job to park and pick up cars for guests in places such as banquet halls and restaurants. Since valet attendants usually work with large groups at a time, it is essential that they are as fast as possible when they park and retrieve guests cars in order to minimize wait times. The bustle of the job as valet parking attendant may be a drawback, too.

With demand for proper parking management, parking positions are now among the most competitive and highly regarded jobs. A valid drivers license, physical stamina, ability to work independently and pass background checks, basic mathematical skills, and excellent customer service skills are the standard requirements of a parking position.

Candidates should submit documentation verifying their right to work in the U.S., and recite the loyalty oath required by California state law when hired. Before starting employment, all recently hired employees will undergo a background check, including fingerprinting, to check for any criminal convictions. Proof of vaccination is not required at hiring; however, employees will be responsible for ensuring compliance after hiring, either through obtaining a vaccine or by applying for medical or religious exemption. Where permitted by law, applicants offered employment at a facility can be asked for vaccination status, which must be in accordance with the lowest requirements for the facility.

Hiring managers will contact only via e-mail those that have met job requirements. State and region where highest posted occupancy, locality share, and pay rates are available for parking attendants. For a list of all areas with parking attendant jobs, please refer to Create custom tables.

Regularly check the parking areas to ensure security and operating efficiency. Coordinates with parking services and security officers to monitor and enforce parking areas for patients and visitors. Provides valet parking services to patients and visitors at the hospital, assists in traffic management within the hospitals parking areas, and maintains accurate records regarding vehicles that are being parked by the valet. Operates all parking equipment and collects parking fees and provides customers with change.

Under general supervision, provides parking enforcement, supports public relations, and provides general guest services for park guests. Under general direction, this position provides general services and information to the general public, is responsible for maintaining, representing, and generally operating all parking areas within CITY. In this critical role, a Parking Clerk is responsible for greeting guests, parking and re-parking vehicles in a timely but safe manner, providing assistance for handicapped persons, and finding ways. The Parking Attendant provides outstanding hospitality services to guests with a keen, friendly, and effective demeanor.

If you share our passion for guest services and hospitality, The Parking Spot is the place for you. CHICAGO, IL The first part of the LAZ Parking Mission Statement is to create opportunities for our employees, and I believe that I am living proof of this. I am truly proud to work at LAZ Parks.

I had a chance to meet Mr. Lazowski during my first year with the company. When I started at LAZ Parking, I had a goal of becoming the General Manager; that took time and a lot of work, but I was totally prepared to handle that task when it came. My second assignment ended up being as a desk attendant for a parking company that touted the ability to create opportunities for its employees….

Seattle positions run from seasonal jobs in City Parks & Recreation facilities, to skilled trades workers, bookkeepers, communications & IT professionals, to mid-level management to high-level leadership. All employees, both part-time and full-time, accrue paid vacation beginning with the employees first shift.

If an employee is unable to perform their work because of sickness or injury, the disability insurance will replace all or a portion of their pay, with benefits as they are available at that time. Medical is dependent upon plan chosen; City typically pays 95% of coverage costs (prorated for part-time employees). Dental, vision, Employee Assistance Program – City presently pays the full cost of coverage for employees and their dependents (pro-rated for part-time).

Chelsea Piers will also offer 50% off current rates to full-time employees spouses and domestic partners. After a full-time, full-year commitment, you will be eligible to receive tuition assistance paid for by Chelsea Piers, amounting to $750 per year during the first five years of full-time service, and $1,500 per year thereafter, for a total of five years of full-time service. Safe/Sick time – Chelsea Piers will provide you with 1 hour of safe/sick time per thirty hours worked, with a maximum accrual of fifty-six hours in one calendar year.

You may find fulfillment with the benefits package at Intermountain Healthcare, located in Salt Lake City, which includes medical and wellness coverage, paid leave, retirement benefits, as well as employee discounts. Servers are expected to do all this while being courteous, friendly, and polite with guests and customers, which can be challenging after a long day at work. If someone wants to keep a parking attendant career, he or she needs to be aware of the benefits that he or she offers his or her employees, and how that makes for a better, sophisticated life.

I recognized that staying focused on strengthening my crew would also allow me time to grow my skillset in order to continue growing at LAZ Parking. This position will be performing various parking operations duties, and making certain operations decisions, and performing essential equipment maintenance, on the basis of having pretty well defined guidelines to base these decisions off of.