Under supervision of a 셔츠룸알바 senior supervisor in the recreation department, a part-time events assistant would provide support in the planning for local parades, public events, and grants administration to the parks, recreation, and public facilities department. The Part-Time Special Event Assistant will provide administrative support to all functions in Special Events. The special events assistant is a part-time role that requires flexibility and the willingness to work long hours, including weekends, which are highly sought after in the summer months.

The Recreation Program Assistant, a part-time role, with moderate oversight, assists with the organization, execution, and oversight of recreational programs, activities, and special events for the community. The primary emphasis in this classification is setting up facilities for meetings, recreation classes, and special events. The Resident Associate with Part-Time Recreation will generally support and operate a concession stand including ordering, sales, and finance administration, assists in the clerical duties, creates and maintains the programs/events finance spreadsheets, and assists in the facility reservations.

This is a part-time, on-call position who will work up to 20 hours a week depending upon the bookings and special events schedule. The schedule for this role is 20 hours a week at the office, plus events hours if needed. Event assistants can be employed either full-time or part-time, with hours that can vary depending on event scheduling.

An employee of this classification is responsible for supervising part-time employees and volunteers across various programming areas, such as aquatics, adult/youth sports, early childhood education, senior centers, special events, etc. Work is reviewed while it is being performed, and results achieved, via regular meetings, reports, and assessments. Event assistants will be the main part of the operations for daily events and should have the ability to solve problems in order to make sure events are running smoothly. Event Assistants will work with an event manager/coordinator to ensure the event planning and execution processes are running smoothly.

These programs train event assistants in the skills needed to plan and execute events, including marketing, budgeting, PR, sales, hospitality, and event administration. As an event assistant, you will get a chance to learn about all aspects of event planning, as well as get experience working with a variety of teams. You might find that experiences from other jobs help you as an event assistant. You might even be able to assume a bit more responsibility and become an events coordinator or planner.

When you are starting, you might find it really useful to find a veteran event planner that allows you to work shadow them or as an apprentice.

In the corporate world, you are more likely to get a starting-level position working under the supervision of a more experienced event planner. Event planners will usually begin working part-time or volunteering for events in order to learn the ropes. However, a four-year event planning degree is required for most professional jobs. With this being said, people who are planning on becoming a full-time event planner usually get a bachelors degree in Marketing, PR, or related fields.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the majority of jobs requiring full-time Event Planning involve earning a bachelors degree in Event Management or closely related fields. The ideal candidate must have 3-5 years of event planning and administration experience. One years of experience working on and organizing events, social programs, conferences, etc., or equivalent; demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills; and commitment to providing superior client services are required. To be certified, you must have at least three years full-time experience working in the special events industry, and must take the written exam.

Plan, coordinate, and execute details of special events, including social events, conferences, training seminars, receptions, etc. Plans, executes, and coordinates a variety of details associated with meetings, seminars, conferences, education seminars, social events, and other associated activities.

Ensures buildings and facilities are secured when necessary, including after events. Ensures the details of an event are executed on a timely basis, working with event coordinator.

Contact the appropriate staff or authorities when there is an emergency. Assists the Supervisor in evaluating program performance and making adjustments to accommodate future events. Manages events at the venue and provides facilitation to participants and faculty members. We are looking for a staff member to support the hospitality and dining aspects of these events.

Support NYC Staff in the preparation of workshop resources and implementation of workshops at venue locations as part-time staff, including transporting lightweight supplies to the workshops venue, and managing the events materials. Event assistants will be the go-to individuals for workshop resource preparation, light supply transport, event set-up, and customer service support for attendees on-site. The event assistant team will receive hands-on training and continued leadership support to develop skills and professional knowledge in their roles. On-the-job training will teach the numerous event assistants to execute daily tasks and duties.

On-the-job training can also include learning to use event planning software used by their new employers. An internship may also be required, providing hands-on experience with event planning. Another avenue for advancement within the event planning industry is moving to a supervisory role.

Reporting to a program operations, events manager, and working closely with program managers, an events assistant should be truly committed to professionalism and excited about working in a dynamic environment. The special events program assistant includes planning and contracting events, maintaining relationships with event clients, staffing events, supervising events, keeping track and filing of waivers, compiling events invoices, ensuring that all staff are following best customer service practices, and managing day-to-day events operations. This person will spend time working on event rentals providing general hospitality for attendees, setting up/cleaning up food services, operating concession stands at special events, and other related customer service duties. May supervise clerical support staff activities related to particular events.

Part-time recreational program assistants are considered an essential staff member during the COVID-19 pandemic event, and therefore are required to continue reporting to their usual place of employment and performing essential functions for their positions during the COVID-19 pandemic event.